We will always try to provide all our employees with a safe, clean place in which to work and the proper tools and equipment to do their jobs safely. Not only do we keep up with regulations but also go beyond that to pioneer safety innovations in our industry.


Improving Air Quality with Emission Compliant Engines 

At present, half of our Fleet is 2014 or newer updated with the latest emission compliant engines. All our fleet is compliant with Trade Waste Vehicle Emissions Reduction – Local Law 145 (signed in December 2013 by Mayor Bloomberg) which requires all operators of heavy duty trade vehicles (over 16,000 pounds) to meet the 2007 federal emission standard by 2020. The law’s aim is to improve air quality for all New Yorkers, as 2007 or newer engines reduce up to 85 – 95% of emissions. LL 145 will be an important part of the licensing requirements of NYC Business Integrity Commission, which regulates us. Our equipment meets the standards required by BIC.

Delivering Acclaimed Innovations in Trash Removal

At Mr. T Carting, safety is our top priority, and we work continuously towards our goal of zero accidents and zero injuries. Our drivers and helpers participate in a comprehensive route safety and injury prevention training program. We strive to keep safety our #1 focus, for our employees and all New Yorkers. We are proud of the professionalism of our drivers. Working at night in the “City that never sleeps” creates a challenging operating environment for waste collection vehicles.

Our team takes great care while navigating the streets of New York and that’s one of the reasons three of our employees are past winners of the Environmental Industry Association’s National Driver of the Year award. We are proud to participate in New York’s SLOW DOWN TO GET AROUND program, helping car drivers to be aware of waste collectors.

For added road safety, we installed side guards (safety bars inside all the trucks) that keep anybody who collides with the trucks away from the wheels to minimize damage.

In terms of proper load size, all our trucks have scales on them. We track not just the volume, but also the weight, of the material. By integrating weight information with our billing programs, we’re always able to right-size the service for the customer.

Boosting Safety with Cutting-Edge Video Monitoring Technology

Mr. T Carting is a first-class, top notch operator who embraces big data to ensure operational transparency and inform decision-making. After over 70 years in commercial recycling and waste management, we’ve learned that you can’t build the business of tomorrow with the waste management techniques of yesterday. This is why we’ve invested in cutting-edge safety monitoring video technology for our trucks to monitor and track driver habits.

Our safety plan includes a video-based safety system called SmartDrive, which provides us with insights into risk and a data-based path to constant improvement. Through integration to backing cameras, the SmartDrive platform enables fleets to validate compliance with standard operating procedures and capture loading and unloading events.

By 2020, our fleet will consist of 28 all-new trucks each equipped with 5 video cameras integrated with SmartDrive safety monitoring & risk analytics platform to provide continuous safety monitoring, real-time alerts, and performance analytics:

  • The video-based safety system captures events based on triggers including speeding, collisions, hard braking and more.
  • Access to video that shows what drivers are doing at specific times makes it possible to see if drivers are texting while driving or partaking in other unsafe or distracted driving habits.
  • Our drivers can also manually trigger an event to help someone else’s case.

SmartDrive’s video-based safety program and transportation intelligence suite’s video analytics platform identifies the driving behaviors that lead to collisions, determining when to record video events using proprietary triggering algorithms that leverage sensor inputs from a variety of sources. When an algorithm is “triggered” the SmartDrive records an event that captures what occurred before and after the trigger point.

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