Seven safety features that set our trucks apart

At Mr. T Carting, we pride ourselves on safety, integrity, and constant never ending improvement.

Adam Mitchell, Resource Management and Business Development

At Mr. T Carting, we pride ourselves on safety, integrity, and constant never-ending improvement. People are the core of our business, and their safety is paramount. Here are seven safety features that set our trucks apart:

Front look-around mirrors

The first feature is the one Mr. T has used the longest. If you’ve ever sat in a truck, you may have noticed that the raised view produces visual obstacles. Standing directly in front of a truck, or close to its sides will render a pedestrian invisible to the unassisted eye. We overcome the visual challenge with several safety features, starting with 6 mirrors on the front of the truck. The mirrors provide immediate visual confirmation of the front and sides of the vehicle and are the first line of defense in safe truck driving.


With the advent of digital cameras, we were able to add more visibility and accountability to our fleet. Each truck is equipped with five cameras. They provide comprehensive coverage of the front, back and sides of the vehicle, as well as the interior of the cab. In addition to providing a view behind the truck to drivers, these cameras record a visual record of the truck and driver servicing our customers. When a customer requests confirmation of a pickup or an accident occurs, we’re able to pull the footage and provide valuable confirmation of the event.

Motion Sensors

As a third line of defense, we have motion sensors installed on all sides of the trucks. These are connected to a warning  system that alerts drivers of objects (like pedestrians and cyclists) that are close to the truck. The motion sensors produce a sound alert, and a visual direction indicator. This radar technology provides comprehensive situational awareness for our drivers.


There’s nothing quite like a barrier to prevent an accident. That’s where the side guards come in. These guards go a long way to preventing cyclists and pedestrians from falling under our trucks. They’re bright yellow and covered in reflective tape, ensuring what was formerly the dark underside of a truck is now brightly visible. Starting on January 1st, 2023 the NYC Business Integrity Commission required all trucks to equip side bars. Mr. T Carting has had them installed on the fleet since 2018.

Clean Idling

Clean idling isn’t a safety feature that you can see, or even one that prevents immediate accidents. After 5 minutes of inactivity, our engines will automatically turn off. This reduces the carbon footprint of our fleet, protects the environment and reduces noise pollution.


Before computer mapping was available, our drivers used to navigate their route using a printed list of customer addresses . Now we use a software called Fleetmind. This computer system lets us determine the best pick-up route for each truck in the fleet. Instead of memorizing the truck path for a neighborhood, drivers are automatically  directed to their next destination. This allows our drivers to spend more time focusing on safe driving.

No More Rear Riding Steps

The image of a waste collector hanging on to the back of a truck is iconic. It’s also quite dangerous. In 2014, New York State passed legislation banning riders from “clinging” on to moving vehicles. While this has an exception for municipal garbage collection, private carters fall under this requirement. Mr. T Carting removed all rear steps from the fleet. While this means our helpers have to walk a little longer to collect waste, riding in the cab provides them significantly more protection from other vehicles and other obstacles.

Safety features have come a long way since the company was founded in 1947. And Mr. T Carting continues to lead the industry in safety and innovation.

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