Our state of the art baling equipment is capable of baling 75+ tons per hour.
Garbage (MSW) is the most common product to hit the tipping floor and is sorted for recyclable materials, then put through an industrial-sized baling machine where it is compacted, ejected from the baling machine and strapped using steel ties.

All bales are stacked in rows and then loaded onto trailers for transportation. With baling service available in two sizes from 2 separate baling machines, SSR and Hi-Tech Resource Recovery can load most sizes of transportation containers.

Our baling service in brief:

  • We collect, pick up and recycle e-waste in our certified facility.
  • We bale all types of material including film plastics, paper and rigid plastics.
  • All types of materials can be baled together or separated by type, such as mixed plastics or specific types of plastic separated and baled by color and resin.
  • Materials can be picked up or dropped off to either facility for processing and then loaded back onto trucks, trailers and other types of transport.

For custom loads and material types, make arrangements in advance by contacting us today.

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