How One Customer Built a Trash Cart Enclosure

Radio Bakery sought out the waste management expertise of Mr. T Carting to help design a successful waste containment space.

Adam Mitchell, Resource Management and Business Development

Operating effective waste management systems are a crucial part of running an efficient business. When Radio Bakery was getting ready to open their new store in Greenpoint, NY, they took a proactive approach to designing their waste and recycling storage area. They sought out the waste management expertise of Mr. T Carting to help design a functional and well-organized space. This collaboration, built by Armijos Iron Works & Mack Iron Work resulted in a waste storage area that promotes proper recycling practices and minimizes the risk of rodent infestation.

“As a bakery we wanted something that was attractive to look at given the fact that it holds garbage and people are less inclined to sit next to it. We wanted something that was as compact as possible. And we had to navigate the fact that [our landlord] needed X number of pails and we needed X number of pails.” -Radio Bakery

The corral that Radio City has designed with the advice of Mr. T Carting. The black corral has 6 doors for containers, and a sloped roof.
The waste storage area is situated at the end of the property.

To ensure effective waste and recycling storage, Mr. T Carting suggested incorporating a designated spot for a 44-gallon brute Rubbermaid equivalent, lined with a transparent blue bag for metal cans and plastic container recycling. This design allowed for easy access to the storage container and allowed for easy removal of recyclable materials. Receptacles like these may be required for all NYC food businesses by the end of 2023. DSNY has proposed a rule that all food service businesses must set out their waste in rigid receptacles with tight-fitting lids.

“I went online to understand what the shapes and sizes of recycling containers were based on the number of gallons they hold so I could maximize the storage space and minimize the profile. Then we talked to [Mr. T Carting]” -Radio Bakery

Inside the waste storage area are four square trash containers. There are two more square recycling containers adjacent.
Inside the waste storage area. Radio Bakery used square containers to maximize storage space.

Mr. T Carting recommended an enclosure that was both practical and visually appealing. The enclosure needed to be tall enough to facilitate easy movement of carts with the lid open and deep enough to allow the lid to remain open. We suggested exploring options from suppliers like Citibin, who offer durable and high-quality enclosures specifically designed for waste management. Radio Bakery hired  Armijos Iron Works & Mack Iron Work, a metal fabricator in Brooklyn to make an enclosure.

The waste storage area is raised to prevent rats and pests from creating nests beneath it.
Radio Bakery plans to add magnetized bumpers to the doors, and hydraulic arms to the top. This is designed to allow people of any height and strength to access the waste storage area.

One of the primary concerns with waste storage areas is the potential for rodent infestation. Suppliers like City Steel Products offer a range of systems with different features like removable floors or built-in floor drains for easy cleaning. By prioritizing rodent mitigation, Radio Bakery could maintain a hygienic waste storage area and minimize the risk of pests.

“You’re not getting rid of the rats. Essentially what you’re doing is creating a situation where they’re less motivated to be where you are, and they go somewhere else.” -Radio Bakery

A photograph of a blue Mr. T Carting container.
Rigid plastic containers prevent rodents and pests from accessing waste.

The collaboration between Radio Bakery and Mr. T Carting resulted in the installation of a well-designed waste storage area that promotes efficient waste management practices. With designated bins for recycling and a thoughtfully chosen enclosure, Radio Bakery can ensure proper waste separation while reducing the risk of rodent infestation. By taking proactive steps to create an organized and clean waste storage area, Radio Bakery demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

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