Our founder “Pop” Thomas Joseph Toscano, born of immigrant parents in 1926 and the oldest of six children, grew up with his family in Ridgewood, Queens. After serving in the Navy for two years in World War II, Tom had to take care of his mother, his three other brothers and two other sisters because his father passed away at a young age. He started out with nothing. He got a job as a helper on a garbage truck but quickly acquired his own truck and his own route by the time he was 20. Eventually, he was able to add a second truck, then a third.

As the next two generations joined the business, they brought it to the next level to evolve with the times. Joined over the next 70 years, by more than 20 family members, the company has grown and prospered to become one of the five largest carting companies operating in New York City. Our founder’s tenacity and core values were instilled over the next three generations and are what makes Mr. T Carting what it is today – NYC’s premier waste management business. From a one-truck operator when Tom Toscano Senior started operating, Mr. T Carting has grown to a fleet of over 30 vehicles with a sophisticated transfer station and recycling facility – a fully integrated company.

The word “carting”, which referred to carting the material from the curb to the landfill or transfer station, isn’t as widely used today as in the company’s early years, because there’s more recycling involved. We’re increasingly becoming a recycling company as the City tries to reduce what goes to landfills.




A Heritage of Dependability and Flexibility

Our founder “Pop” was always known as the “gentleman in the sanitation business” because he cared about people. “Be fair with people, be honest with people, and you never go wrong.” It’s his work ethic that was passed down across the three generations and that shapes our service culture today. We treat people like we treat each other, like family. To this day, we even go above and beyond, even responding to customer calls for rescuing valuable items they threw away by mistake and helping them retrieve them if possible.

At Mr. T Carting, we’ve been serving New York with pride for over 70 Years. We’ve built lasting relationships on family values, and we’re here for the long haul – for our communities and environment. Our size, capabilities, and scale – coupled with our history and connection with this city we love – set Mr. T Carting apart from any other NYC waste management provider. With our roots in our heritage, we embrace the future with a progressive outlook and a commitment to sustainability.

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