There are advantages to using a Mr. T Carting compactor to store waste or recyclables:

  • Material is stored outside your building, not inside.
  • Side-by-side compactors can be designed to collect waste and recyclables at the same location.
  • A self-contained compactor reduces the chance of liquids spilling around your building.
  • A compactor system will result in fewer haul charges.
  • Compactors can be installed with a remote capacity monitor to notify us by email when they need to be emptied – a digital solution that eliminates the need to rely on on-site staff for monitoring and that ensures the container gets emptied and monitored on a timely basis.

Need to track individual use in your multi-tenant building? We can install a compacting monitor called the One Plus System, which ensures accurate and transparent invoicing:

  • Each tenant has a unique electronic fob that unlocks the doors on the trash or recycling compactor.
  • That system also then tracks how frequently each tenant is using the machine.
  • The management team can bill their tenants appropriately based on individual use.
“My brother Jack and I thank you for the hard work you and your men did carting my heavy garbage all these years through wind, cold, snow, rain, double-parked cars, late-night work traffic. God bless you and your hard-working men.”
Rocco Roy G. Vanasco, WWII Navy Veteran

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