2022 Waste Diversion Rate Announced by Mr. T Carting

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(Queens, NY)

“Mr. T Carting is proud to announce that it has achieved a waste diversion rate of 27.75% in 2022. This number represents the combined percentage of material collected from Mr. T’s customers that were sent to a recycling or composting plant. Mr. T Carting collected over 76 thousand tons of discarded material in 2022 and diverted 21 thousand tons of paper, plastic, metal and organic material from landfills and incinerators.


Mr. T Carting achieved this rate through a variety of methods:

  • A hard-working team at our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) ensures all material streams are sorted properly for remanufacturing.
  • Financial incentives encourage customers to choose sustainable recycling and organics collection options.
  • Education initiatives to help customers successfully set up a business composting program.
  • A dedicated sales and customer service team that works closely with customers to educate and support their pathway to zero waste.

“We’re continuing our industry leading efforts in waste diversion through investments in customer education, facility infrastructure improvements, and employee training.” said Adam Mitchell, Resource Management and Business Development at Mr. T Carting.

Mr. T Carting has a goal to divert 45% of the total discards set out by its customers to recycling and composting by 2027, with a reach goal of 55% by 2032. It will do so by further investing in technology, educational efforts, and through its upcoming merger with Boro-Wide Recycling.

About Mr. T Carting, Corp.

Mr. T Carting, Corp. has been serving New York City as a solid waste management services provider with pride for over 75 Years. They have built lasting relationships on family values and exist to serve their customers, communities, and the environment. Mr. T Carting’s BIC number is #173. For more information on Mr. T Carting, visit www.mrtcarting.com.


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