Spooky, Sustainable Tips for Halloween 2022

Four common sources of Halloween waste, and our tips on how businesses can reduce, reuse, and recycle them.

Every holiday comes with its own host of waste and sustainability issues. Here are four common sources of Halloween waste, and our tips on how businesses can reduce, reuse, and recycle them. With these tips, you can enjoy the spooky season without being scared of generating waste.


Individually wrapped candies generate a spooky amount of waste. Packaging is important to keep kids (and adults!) safe and sanitary, but there are alternatives. Buy candy in bulk and seek out candies that are packaged in recyclable cardboard like Nerds, Junior Mints and Milk Duds. Donate any leftover candy, or compost it alongside our next item.


Mr. T Carting offers commercial composting services. We encourage all our customers to inquire about enrolling in the program, as it can save them money while keeping harmful methane gasses out of the environment. If your business doesn’t consistently produce organic waste, pumpkins can be brought to a compost drop-off site. Click here to find a DSNY residential pumpkin drop-off event near you, or here to locate a general compost drop-off spot. Don’t forget–pumpkins are edible! You can also Carve out the insides and make a delicious pumpkin bread or pie.

Old sheets can be turned into spooky scarecrows!


Invest in sturdy decorations that can be reused year after year. If you’re looking for a less permanent (or more storage-friendly) option, purchase paper decorations that can be recycled after the season ends. Materials such as wool twine can be reused to tie up cardboard set-outs. Twigs and leaves from scarecrows can be composted. And art supplies like crayons or biodegradable markers can be reused for future holidays like Thanksgiving.


The clothing industry is one of the most wasteful. Consider thrift shopping for outfits, and build costumes out of easily recyclable materials, like cardboard. Dress as characters from your favorite movies–and then reuse the clothes in other outfits. Shop local, or support small sustainable creators on etsy. And if you’re truly never going to wear it again, donate the items back to nonprofits like Goodwill to extend their lifespan.

Remembering each and every way to reduce, reuse and recycle materials can get exhausting. Mr. T Carting’s Recycle it Right tool is designed to help users quickly find out how to dispose of any items they might have. Simply type in what you’ve got and the tool will tell you where and how to safely and sustainable get rid of it.

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