We've built materials to help you successfully set up a composting program.

Composting, otherwise known as organic waste collection, helps reduce pests and prevents harmful greenhouse gasses from being created. Mr. T Carting has been collecting organic waste from NYC businesses for over 17 years. Please look use these resources to successfully set up your organic waste collection program!

Set up a food waste collection with 6 steps:

1 - Plan it  - Click here to watch this video tutorial to learn how to start an organic waste collection program.

2 - Explain it to your staff and customers. Click here to download free educational signs.

3 - Collect it - Collect organic waste in an intermediate container. Use compostable liners like BioBag to avoid messes and easily transfer material to the central storage container.

4 - Store it - Transfer your organic waste to a central storage container. Mr. T Carting provides 35-gallon and 65-gallon roll-out carts to store organic waste separately from trash.

5 - Keep it Secure - Lock your central storage containers to prevent rats from getting in, and odors from getting out.

6 - Put it out - On your scheduled collection day, put out your central storage containers.

If you're still not sure what can and cannot be composted, click here to learn about our Recycle it Right tool.

Click here or call 718-821-9706 to start service and receive additional guidance.


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