What Happens to Your E-Waste


What Happens to Your E-Waste

Mr. T Carting Corp is a Business Integrity Commission (BIC) certified hauler BIC #173.  This certification allows us to haul non-hazardous waste, universal waste, and recycling material.  All universal waste (E-Waste) collected from our customers is handled according to Industry standards.

recycling facility

How it works:

1. We carefully transport your E-Waste to a registered consolidation facility where it is examined, handled, and sorted.

2. E-waste is then shipped to an E-Stewards certified partner.

3. When they arrive, items are completely disassembled and stripped of harmful toxins.

4. Finally, each item is shredded, separated into plastics & metals, and prepared to be recycled back into new materials.

If you would like to schedule an E-waste pick-up, or speak to a representative about setting up a comprehensive program or waste audit, please contact us.