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A Full Range of Container Services

Whether you call them dumpsters or containers, and whatever your waste management needs, Mr. T Carting can supply the right container for your needs. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know what services and equipment are included in your waste removal fees?
  • Are your containers clean, safe and secure?
  • Does your waste removal company include putting your containers back in place as regulated by the NYC Department of Sanitation?
  • Does your waste removal company leave the appearance of your property as clean as it was before you put the trash out?
  • Do they arrive on schedule?
  • Can your business afford a poor appearance if it will turn potential customers away?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions…

Let Mr. T show you what you’ve been missing.

We can deliver ½ yard mini containers up to 40 yards, or full-sized trash compactors to any neighborhood in New York City. We work with you to determine the right sizes and types of containers or compactors and configuration depending on the space available and the amount of trash your business generates.

Typically, dumpster service is convenient for customers who generate larger quantities of trash, one-time or continually, or who operate food-related establishments.

All containers are placed in safe, secure locations so customers can enjoy a hassle-free experience. And when we pick up, your garbage dumpster is always closed and returned to its place after they have been emptied (per Department of Sanitation regulations) — not left in the street or blocking your driveway. Our commitment to safety includes the safety of our customers. We don’t want you pushing bulky garbage dumpsters around.

Please call 24 hours in advance to schedule container delivery, pick-up or removal.

Small Spaces Need Small Waste Containers

When you have limited or confined space, you may require a mini rubbish container for easy maneuverability and minimal space consumption. Mini containers may be loaded with all types of non-hazardous materials and are most commonly used on job sites in large quantities for construction debris removal.

Large Rolloff Containers for Larger Jobs

Mr. T Carting offers garbage dumpster services for businesses that choose to store their trash and recycling in waste receptacles. Larger roll-off containers can be strategically placed on job sites when space and location are not an issue. Roll-off container sizes are as follows:

Compactors and Baling Equipment

Compactors come in a variety of sizes and can be installed on site for garbage, cardboard or other recycling needs. We have self-contained compactors as well as stationary compactors with external housing. Custom fabrications decks can be assembled to fit various sites and loading docks.

No demolition or construction materials are allowed in compactors. We have a specialized construction rubbish removal service for your construction/demolition needs. Contact us today for more information or to order your containers.

Types of Comactors

Mr. T also offers baling machine rental and leasing programs. If your business needs an on-site baling machine, Mr. T can supply you with one to fit your baling capacity as well as provide strapping wire.

High Quality Metal Trash Dumpsters

Maintaining containers and dumpstersWe always use and maintain high quality metal trash containers that are free from rotting, leaks and odors. Mr. T Carting works hard to ensure that your garbage dumpsters and containers are kept in the best possible condition to help your business. We take pride in the appearance and operation of all of our containers and maintain them to perform at their best.

Located on-site, we have a container shop in which we maintain all of our rear-load and roll-off containers. Our experienced team of welders and painters is capable of performing all types of maintenance to containers to make sure our containers remain safe and looking their best. This includes:

  • Painting / repainting
  • Welding
  • Wheel and caster replacement
  • Cover and lid repair
  • Odor control

Contact us today for more information.