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Industries Served

Whether you’re an established firm with multiple locations, a retailer with multiple locations, or a small start up business in the 5 Boroughs, Mr. T is capable of meeting your unique waste management needs with exceptional cleanliness and customer service. We will work with you to tailor and implement a plan that meets your needs.

Food Service Industries

From small retail food stores to large restaurants, the food service industry presents both unique opportunities and challenges. Organic waste, handled with care and sorted on-site can be composted and provide a revenue stream to local growers and the environment. At the same time, organic waste must be removed on an expedited schedule—promptly, efficiently and cleanly to avoid unsightly operations and pests. Let us help you with your unique waste management needs in the food service industry.


Construction in New York City operates in an environment unlike any other. Constrained for space and with access controlled by time of day and site limitations, construction operations must demolish, remove and dispose of waste complying with some of the most stringent environmental regulations. We know your business and can help. Whether it is small containers that can move efficiently in high rise buildings, to pickups outside of regular business hours, we work with you to insure your construction debris is removed from your job side and disposed of in full compliance with all regulations.

Legal, Medical and Back Office Operations

Businesses are moving to an increasingly digitized work environment. This includes client and patient records, sales and transactional receipts and information, work documentation and client focused collateral. Each point in this transition requires careful handling of paper records and desktop digital media (such as CDs and USB drives) to insure that storage, custody and ultimate destruction complies with industry standards such as HIPA and SOX. Before you begin, call us. We can take you through the steps required necessary to be sure your medical, legal or office is in full compliance.